The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

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The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

There is a tactic that I like to utilize when my brain is approaching burnout mode.

For many of us, burnout creeps up when the overheated phone, due to mindless scrolling, mingles with the pressures of paying bills, calling that relative back, and walking the dog who stares with innocent and ever-needy brown eyes.

How do we prioritize what is truly important in order to find that inner “zen”?

Try this…

Close your eyes. Place everything before you that you feel “defines” who you are. Then wipe the slate clean.

Now, take that blank page and write in what REALLY matters to you. Write down WHO matters to you. Write in what makes you feel alive and the memories that do the same.  Write down what your perfect day would look like.

Take a look at that list. Simplify it down even more to the line items you truly love. These are what matter. It then becomes a little bit easier to see the steps needed to fill your life with these.

We remember. We remember the good stuff, the marrow.

We catalogue the moments where “it” happened. Where everything clicked. When a favorite tune was pumping through your earbuds while your snowboard was slicing through a tree run. When time seemed to stop and nothing else mattered, lost in the moment.

Dancing in a crowd surrounded by faces of friends you love, to the music you love, when time freezes and you feel infinite.

When your breath aligns with your running shoes kicking up trail dirt and the muscles in your legs fall into that rhythmic groove of endorphin release.

Remembering the heat of a sandy beach from long ago. The salty spray when we finally went out into the waves and got over that first rush of cold on our belly buttons. When we tried surfing and failed miserably, our ribs sore from laughing at the attempt.

I like to delicately extract these memories, these moments… and place them on a higher plane in my list.

These are what we do the grunt work for. This is why we trudge through days filled with bartending, desk jobs, physical labor, waitressing, deadlines, and meetings….they help build gratitude for these moments which make us aware of how freaking special it is to be alive.

Working, sweating, dancing and loving. Livin.

Humbly yours,


p.o.m.e. guest blogger

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