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For those of us living in the high-country resort towns of Colorado fall is a time where the summer tourists filter out and businesses slow down (or in some cases close) before the winter season ramps up. Many of us take this opportunity to take our hard-earned summer money and jet out for an adventure abroad. Traveling abroad can be very intimidating, especially if you have not had much experience. Travel doesn’t have to be daunting! As a matter of fact, it will likely be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Here are some helpful, basic tips...

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The ocean has no boundaries and it’s becoming more apparent each day. The intense storms, swells and currents are fact that the ocean is its own wild animal! The Trump Administration is trying harder than ever to open the American coastlines for offshore drilling. Offshore drilling is an extraction technique which allows companies to access oil deposits under the ocean floor. This technique is potentially very dangerous to our planet and everything existing on it.   Trump and oil companies needs to be stopped and there is a solid group of humans who are fighting hard to shut them down....

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There’s only one place to take a dip in the world’s best hot springs, drive through the most breathtaking mountainsides and hike through some of the purest natural scenery in all the world. It’s famously known as the land of fire and ice. I’m talking about a 103,000 square kilometer nation built on a volcano that is barely touched by man to this day. I’m talking about Iceland. For the last hoorah as a student in my life, I took a spring break trip to this wonderful land of glaciers and small towns while friends made the “smarter” move to...

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