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As straightforward as it may seem, the meaning behind “Nature Is Never Closed” can be interpreted in many ways. For some, it may be that the outdoors are always physically or geographically accessible to them, others may see it as no human has the right to say that another person cannot enter Nature since it is our collective open Earth.    To me, this means that there is always potential to have a significant connection with Nature, no matter where you are. Whether it be seeing the trees on the side of a busy road, raking the leaves in the...

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The planet is warming up, and Americans may be some of the worst offenders when it comes to energy consumption. One study found that U.S. citizens with the lowest energy consumption were still using twice the global average. So what can you do if you want to live a greener life? It turns out that boosting the amount of tech in your home could actually help you reduce your energy consumption. Here are three ways you can easily integrate tech into your household and reduce your carbon footprint. Product Of My Environment earth-conscious apparel is made from environmentally friendly and...

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For centuries people have brought plants inside to decorate their homes. We have always strived to recreate a natural home environment. Plants definitely have tons of visual eye appeal but they also serve many additional purposes! Studies have proven plants help boost your mood, increase productivity, and even clean indoor air by absorbing toxins while adding life to any room. There are many other positive benefits to growing and caring for plants. One of the most important and impressive to us is how some plants fight toxins in the air. Examples of toxins that can create harmful environments for humans...

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