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While animals are strong influences in Meeg’s life, music and yoga are two incredible outlets that have led her to create some of her most detailed and passionate pieces.  All genres of both music and yoga really allow her to let loose and crawl deeper into her meditative and artistic mind.  One of the biggest artistic events she has been apart of is CRUSH.  CRUSH is the largest street art festival in Denver and holds the most street artists creating simultaneously.  She was honored to be a part of one of the coolest events held in the city.  One of...

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Few forms of art instantaneously strike as much controversy amongst the masses as graffiti. There are as many people who will go see work by famed street art phenomena Banksy in a world class museum, as will passionately declare the entire genre as vandalism. For half a century now the war has waged between advocates of free speech, and those who argue against defacing public and private property. For those like myself who view graffiti as a medium for self-expression, leaving your tag can be an action used to SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD, and BE SEEN. A statement telling the world  “I’M...

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