Recycling in Your Area

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Recycling in Your Area

Generations before us were living in the moment, not realizing what the outcome of mass deforestation, an addiction to plastics, and throwing trash out of the car window would mean for the world's future. This subject is even more popular today because of the extreme change in climate, dying ecosystems, and pollution build up. These issues are destroying the world we live in.

Many humans are realizing that if we don’t continue to make a change in the way we live; removing plastic and fossil fuel consumption, the world as we know it will end. Recycling is one step that we can control and is an easy way to get started in the movement. Many people recycle but don’t recycle properly. Sure the basic items we all know like aluminum cans and cardboard boxes are exactly what you want in the bin. The problem is, when items are put in the bins that we think are recyclable, but really are not. These items are called contaminants. Contaminants can damage the processing machines and increase the cost of production while devaluing the recycled product. Food waste left on recycled items is also a large contaminant that can divert recycling to the trash.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about not recycling properly. Just make the necessary adjustments and keep recycling! If you get online and look up your city’s official website, there will be a tab for recycling (we've included a few below). Here, the city will break down exactly what you can recycle, how to set up your recycling, where drop off sites are located, and more. For added help, print out the photos of what's accepted and stick them on your fridge.


Recycling Tip: You CANNOT recycle your items in a PLASTIC BAG! The plastic bag is a contaminant and can’t be processed. Plastic bags full of recycling can end up being thrown away instead of recycled!

Considering our headquarters is located in Denver, CO, we have linked the Denver City website and other cities within the state to give you a direct link. In addition, we've added a few other major cities recycling links as well. We hope this gives some guidance on how easy and important recycling can be if done properly!


Colorado Recycling:




Grand Junction

Steamboat/Routt County

Summit County


Other Cities:



East Lansing

New York City 

Recycle By City : Austin, Flagstaff, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Santa Monica and West Hollywood

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