p.o.m.e. Launches Charity T-shirt Campaign

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p.o.m.e. Launches Charity T-shirt Campaign

p.o.m.e. | Product Of My Environment announces new "Nature is Never Closed" T-Shirt to help provide inner city Denver children with opportunities to learn and experience the mountains.

Pre-sales are now live for p.o.m.e.’s new "Nature is Never Closed" T-Shirt and sticker on their website productofmyenvironment.com. 100% of profits from T and sticker sales are being distributed to the Denver Inspiring Connections Outdoors Program (Sierra Club) which brings kids to the mountains they look at every day, but may have never visited! The program inspires kids to support each other and become leaders while teaching them lifelong outdoor skills and enjoying nature.

The T-Shirts are made from 100% Organic Cotton and are printed in Colorado. Shirts will go into production as soon as facilities reopen and will ship shortly thereafter. Please keep in mind that this timeline is subject to change due to the unknown and constantly changing nature of the issue at hand. If you are interested in supporting inner city Denver youth, please visit https://productofmyenvironment.com/collections/nature-is-never-closed to purchase a pre-sale T-Shirt and sticker.

p.o.m.e. | Product Of My Environment is an Earth-conscious apparel brand based in Denver that raises environmental and social awareness while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. They produce durable, practical eco-apparel and accessories for men and women using environmentally friendly and recycled materials as often as possible. From their organic T’s, to wildflower seed-paper hang tags and recycled shipping labels, you’ll notice a touch of green in everything they do. Volunteer work, eco-education, donations to charities and environmental organizations have been a part of p.o.m.e. since inception and are deeply rooted in their core. 3% of every regular purchase goes to 3 charities, each focused on different social/environmental aspects - people, nature, animals.

We thank you for your support of small businesses, artists, hospitality workers, creators, and makers during this difficult time!

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