Offshore Drilling

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Offshore Drilling

The ocean has no boundaries and it’s becoming more apparent each day. The intense storms, swells and currents are fact that the ocean is its own wild animal! The Trump Administration is trying harder than ever to open the American coastlines for offshore drilling. Offshore drilling is an extraction technique which allows companies to access oil deposits under the ocean floor. This technique is potentially very dangerous to our planet and everything existing on it.


Trump and oil companies needs to be stopped and there is a solid group of humans who are fighting hard to shut them down. Recently Trump tried to drill in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. The United States Greenpeace took him to court and won! In 2016 Obama initiated an act to no longer allow offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Trump disregarded this act and tried anyway and failed. As humans, we need to focus on how to create new sustainable energy and gain more speed and knowledge on the new energy we have created. If an oil spill were to happen in the Arctic Ocean it would be nearly impossible to clean up.

About fifty years ago there was a massive 100,000 barrel oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel. This alone should have stopped new offshore drilling but it hasn’t. There are thousands of oil spills a year. A spill destroys marine life and the quality of water. It also threatens our communities and economies in spill areas and takes years to clean up. Pollution, oil rigs, refineries, storage facilities, pipelines and noise come along with offshore drilling. Do yourself and the Earth a favor and petition NO on offshore drilling.

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