Nature Is Never Closed: NeNe Wright

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Nature Is Never Closed: NeNe Wright

Planet Earth: the roots of our soul. Without her we truly wouldn’t exist. We sustain from her beauty, vegetation and hopefully forgiving heart.

I am forever grateful I have been able to experience so much of what the Earth has to offer. I realized at a young age I needed to be outside as much as I could. The thrill of riding my bike through the streets all night, driving through the Badlands at sunset and hiking to camp on the sand dunes of West Michigan was and is everything. Nature is the oldest therapy to date.

This beautiful planet is why the team at p.o.m.e. | Product Of My Environment would like to present a new series within our blog called ‘Nature Is Never Closed’. A series of travels, experiences and adventures involving nature from all around the world told by the rad humans we know. So in honor of our new series the team figured we would start with one of our own stories first!

My name is Renee Wright, one of three owners of p.o.m.e | Product Of My Environment. ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ by Dr. Seuss has always been one of my favorite books. I was so inspired to explore the world and make connections with humans and within nature. “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is calling, So… get on your way!”


One of my favorite adventures to this day is hiking my first Colorado 14ers in 2015. For those who don’t know a 14er is a mountain that is 14,000 feet in elevation above sea level. Each hike is always gnarly. It was a classic September fall day in Colorado. Two badass chicks (Kyla Yennie and Megan Morgan), Lido the dog and myself packed up the Subaru and hit the road toward the base of the Democrat, Lincoln, Cameron and Bross mountains. We traveled from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to just south of Breckenridge, Co.  We decided to camp the night before so we could have a peaceful early morning. Going anywhere with the babes is always a wild time. Driving up the cliffhanger of a road to the base of those mountains at night was sketchy. At one point in our manual vehicle we were reversing and our emergency break and breaks in general didn’t work. We were sliding backwards with a cliff on one side and boulders on the other. Thank god the breaks mini episode decided to end and the e-break kicked in.

Why was our car going backward at that time? I honestly can’t remember. But we got back on track and rolled into our camping spot. I was so stoked! We set up camp and roasted a fire under the moonlight. I remember feeling so geeked being half moon surrounded by such strong forces of nature. My eyes were drooling over the silhouettes of the mountains illuminating in the moon’s rays. I couldn’t wait until the lights turned on. We drank a couple of beers and cracked some jokes before we closed our eyes.


At the break of dawn we crept out of our tent to see the most beautiful sunrise reflect off the mountains. Colorado really knows how to show up in the sunrise and sunset department. It was an exciting yet intimidating sight. The mental and physical journey we were about to go on was one to never be forgotten. We toasted bagels and drank our coffee. The hype from lacing up our boots and strapping our backpacks on was at an all time high. We packed up camp and started walking.

Lido led the way up the rocky edge and we started. Instantly our hearts were pumping. Walking up the side of a mountain is no joke. The emotions of being over dressed then under dressed were like riding a rollercoaster. Every time I stopped to breathe I would become so inspired by Lido girl. She was thriving, running wild on the scree of that mountainside like a mountain goat on overdrive. She gave me the extra energy I needed to keep climbing. A couple hours later of heavy breathing, laughter and putting my jacket on again we hit the top. Not the complete summit but the gateway of the ridgeline to success. We were literally on top of the world.

Once we hit the ridgeline, the path to Lincoln, Bross and Cameron summits were a breeze. Anything was easy after hiking straight up the face of a mountain. Being the smartest babes on the block we brought mini champagne splits to pop at each summit. We soon remembered why we usually bring beer. Each bottle blew up when we popped it. The glass didn’t shatter but the elevation made them explode their tops. The sips that remained were some of my most fulfilling champagne sips I’ve ever had.


After our third bottle popped around the unofficial/official 14er Mt. Cameron, we started our journey up the fourth peak Mt. Democrat. The sight of the last booty buster up the side of a very steep mountain was as intimidating as they get. They say you got to get up to get down and that was exactly what we had to do on this last haul. It truly is incredible how far you can push your mind and body. The energy and encouragement between us three ladies and Lido were keeping the vibe alive. We weren’t stopping until we hit the top. As another hour or so went by we finally hit the final summit. I will never forget that view. What an honor to stand on top of a mountain. Especially when you stand on top of the world with some of the most phenomenal women in the West.

The hike down the mountain back to our cars was a very therapeutic and reflective walk. I was in awe of the places I could go in the world and the views I got to soak in. I am so inspired by the humans in my crew.  We don’t usually hike 14ers but when we do we hike four. I felt like I was floating down the mountain. I knew from there on out I would forever be hooked on big hikes. I am addicted to the disconnection of our “real” world, the energy the Earth gives off and how I feel physically and mentally. Nature is such a special place.  You are tested in so many ways. You grow within yourself and with others. The people you want to surround yourself with are the ones you can sleep under the stars with comfortably and also go through some of the gnarliest experiences of your life together. Get in your comfort zone or out of it and spend some time in nature. It’s an investment in yourself that will reward you in so many ways.


Nene Wright

p.o.m.e. Owner
Instagram: @babeweekly

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    Felt like I was there hiking with you! Epic tale!

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