Music Makes the World “All Good"

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Music Makes the World “All Good"

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You are very brave for continuing any further… this is my first blog post ever. If it doesn’t send you running, and you choose to check us out again, you’ll see that a wide range of topics will be covered. Traveling, life experiences & adventures with family & friends, and particularly music are among just a few. From time to time, we may even drop a little knowledge, touching on nature & the environment, outdoor activities, cooking & nutrition, science, and space. Really, anything we feel directly (or indirectly) relates to our acronym & credo: Product Of My Environment.

To us, p.o.m.e. embodies the melding & collaboration of city culture and active outdoor lifestyles. Fueled by music and the love for life, we design apparel & art that portray this yin and yang relationship. Volunteering & charity work are a large part of fabric of p.o.m.e. as well. Check out our IMPACT page to see which charities you can choose your purchase to go towards.


Throughout this and future posts, you’ll hear us refer to the p.o.m.e Team. This is a tight knit group of family & friends involved in the growth of p.o.m.e., extending from the east coast through North Carolina to Florida, across Georgia, Alabama & Texas, all over the midwest, out to Colorado & reaching the coast of California.

The p.o.m.e. Team is gearing up for two exciting weekends in a row. Starting this afternoon we have the 2-day Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, with GRiZ as one of the main acts and closing out an after party tonight at the Masquerade. Next weekend is the first time GRiZ will be headlining the magical Red Rocks Amphitheatre, again playing the after party. Today starts a run of 7 GRiZ shows in 47 days for the p.o.m.e. Team.

Other artists playing today we are pumped to see are The Glitch Mob, Tipper, Ill Gates, G Jones, Terravita, Shpongle, Brillz, and ATL hometown heavy hitter Mantis.

GRiZ, for those of you that may not know, is my favorite music artist and a huge inspiration to my designs. He embodies modern Motown with his live saxophone and soulful rhythms, repping the city of Detroit, which I too hold dearly. I don’t think it’s completely fair to categorize his music, but future funk or electro soul does the most justice. His albums and remixes are free to listen to on his Soundcloud and download on his website. I first heard GRiZ during my days at MSU, when we stumbled onto him playing at a campus co-op, Montie House on M.A.C.. I’ve been hooked ever since.

You may have noticed the link at the top of the page, [Blog Beats]. I am constantly listening to music, so it will be a link to the song or mix I was listening to during writing this. I highly suggest playing each in the background while reading the corresponding post. The audio for this one is by the All Good Records group, The Geek X VRV from France. Formerly know as Liberated Music, All Good Records is Grant (GRiZ’s) private record label based in Detroit.  If you make it to one of GRiZ’s shows, please make sure to support The Liberators! The Liberators are a volunteer group of GRiZ Fam who run charity events, food drives and distribute free water during shows among other things.

On the drive to Atlanta last night, my buddy Mike and I had a similar skyline to the one above. Simultaneously, high above us in the eastern sky, was a bright, beautiful full moon; an excellent collaborative show and a great way to kick off the Imagine weekend.

Let’s get the funk down !


Product Of My Environment

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