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Happy Thanksgiving pomies! It’s that time again to gather with family, eat a large plate of food once..twice..maybe three times and take a midday nap.

The classic tradition of Thanksgiving has evolved for many of us into a new form of the holiday, called “Friendsgiving.” What is this newfound holiday everyone speaks of? Simply, Friendsgiving is the celebration of Thanksgiving, with your friends! When able, most surround themselves with family on the actual day of Thanksgiving; while Friendsgiving is usually held a day or two before or after the traditional holiday. For those who live far from their family, they typically spend the holiday with friends on that Thursday.

I personally began to experience the new twist on the holiday when I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a well-known ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains. Thanksgiving is a Steamboat holiday in more ways than one; it is also typically the opening day for the resort! Not being able to afford a plane ticket home, time off work or simply being sick of the family debate over who is making the cranberry sauce are examples of why many people stay in town and opt for Friendsgiving.

Yes, it’s sad not being home for this festive holiday. Who doesn’t love mom’s famous stuffing, classic cocktails being poured and the family flag football game? Fortunately, these are very common traditions between most of the friends I surround myself with. This also gives us the opportunity to put a fresh spin on the holiday. Take it upon yourself to recreate your mom’s recipes, get all of your friends in one spot and even make new ones! Once you host or attend your first Friendsgiving you’ll be hooked…but shhhh, don’t tell mom!

Lastly, this new style of the holiday reassures your parents that all is well in your world. Parents worry that you don’t have a turkey, no one to spend the holiday with, a place to spend it or enough money to afford a bottle of wine. FaceTime or call your parents today. If you can’t make it home you at least owe them that. It warms their soul to know you are stuffing your face with thirty of your amazing friends, laughing and carrying on the tradition of Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for our families, good health and all of you amazing humans that continue to support the pomeTeam. We wouldn’t be here without you ALL!


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