Earth-Conscious Textiles

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Earth-Conscious Textiles

It is 2019 and we are pleased that some of the world is waking up and taking action to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Our team behind the earth-conscious apparel and lifestyle brand, p.o.m.e. | Product Of My Environment, strives to use as many eco-friendly and recycled textiles as we can get our hands on. Our company is about raising environmental and social awareness on the sustainability topic. As we have lived through roughly thirty years of life we have seen our planet get to a severely depressing point of illness. Problems of rivers running dry, glacial melt and mass fires across the earth are just a few global examples. Not only are we taking action in our daily lives to be more earth conscious; we’ve also stepped up and have created our brand to help spread the word and put pressure on textile polluters.


What makes our brand earth-conscious?

The textiles and processes that go into the pieces being created are one way our company leaves a smaller carbon footprint and lessens the negative environmental impact. The eco-friendly materials we use range from organic bamboo fabric, organic cotton fabric, recycled plastic and polyester fabric, hemp fabric, wildflower seed paper tags, natural cork fabric, vegan leather patches, vegan suede fabric, recycled paper business cards, recycled paper/plastic envelops and mailers, recycled paper shipping labels and recycled shipping packages and packing materials.

Many people these days really do care about every aspect of what they are purchasing. From how/where it’s made, to how it’s being shipped. The more options and awareness people have the better it is for our planet.


What does organic cotton mean?

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that are low impact on the environment; aking action by reducing the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. The organic process replenishes and maintains soil fertility. Organic cotton sold in the United States must meet strict federal regulations on how cotton is produced. 

What does recycled polyester mean? 

Recycled polyester is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. The process gives a second life to non-biodegradable materials that would usually end up in the ocean or a landfill. It also takes half as much energy to produce recycled polyester and reduces the need to extract crude oil and natural gas from the Earth.

What are wildflower seed paper tags?

Wildflower seed tags can be planted and wildflowers will grow from the paper tag! It is a shining example of our company’s commitment to the environment.


There is a snapshot into some of the textiles we choose to help our Earth and our bodies. You are what you wear. So many materials are not consciously produced, are toxic, and can have long-term effects on our health. We know it seems like a lot to take in all at once, but if you try and buy one earth-conscious clothing article or recycle your own clothes by hosting a clothing swap (see previous blog post on hosing a clothing swap) you can start to make a difference in reducing the massive textile pollution output. 

Support the change for a better Earth, recycle and love one another!

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