Clothing Swap

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Clothing Swap

Too many clothes? Need new clothes? Never seem to get around to sorting through your closet and getting to Goodwill or a thrift store to donate?

Do yourself and others a favor and host a clothing swap! A clothing swap is a party where people get together to swap clothing and accessories for the purpose of getting rid of the things you don't use anymore.


As humans become more aware of our planet’s environmental issues, we are always looking for ways to actively live a sustainable life. A clothing swap is a great way to motivate your eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only are you helping out the planet, you are knocking two items off your personal list:

  • Closet purge
  • Getting together with your friends

Everyone is so busy these days it can be tough to find time to go to the gym, hangout with your friends, grocery shop, and recycle! Make a party out of your clothing swap and catch up with old friends. It’s like you are grocery shopping for your “new” gym clothes… right?

Turn the old quote “one man's trash is another man's treasure” into reality. Take the opportunity to give new life to a piece of clothing and restore a fresh vibe in your wardrobe.

Having a clothing swap instead of dumping your old clothes in the trash will helps to counter these shocking facts: Americans average 65 pounds of textile waste a year. Textiles leave one of the largest water footprints, as it takes almost 700 gallons of water to produce a single standard T-shirt. With the waste of water comes water pollution. About 20 percent of industrial water pollution is due to textile dye and treatments. Dye houses are notorious for not only exhausting local water supplies, but for dumping untreated wastewater into local streams and rivers!

Let's do our part and giveback to our earth. Get involved and host your first clothing swap!

- Product Of My Environment

P.S. - Keep your eyes open and look out for our monthly newsletter featuring events like our nature cleanups and our next Clothing Swap being held in Denver, CO!

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