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Artist Series | Miss Meeg

While animals are strong influences in Meeg’s life, music and yoga are two incredible outlets that have led her to create some of her most detailed and passionate pieces.  All genres of both music and yoga really allow her to let loose and crawl deeper into her meditative and artistic mind.  One of the biggest artistic events she has been apart of is CRUSH.  CRUSH is the largest street art festival in Denver and holds the most street artists creating simultaneously.  She was honored to be a part of one of the coolest events held in the city.  One of Meeg’s longest running projects is her fox and animal mural outside of the 715 Club in the Five Points area.  The piece was partially destroyed last year in an epic hailstorm but re-constructed shortly after.

Being in the artist industry you have some very memorable experiences.  Some are incredibly awe-inspiring and some are breathtakingly bad experiences.  On the amazing end of experiences, Meeg was hired to create art at the Michael Franti show in Colorado a few years back.  She had the opportunity to also give Franti a booklet of her art for him to keep in his personal collection.  On the foul side of experiences, once when Meeg was creating art on the street, someone tried to break into her car.  The situation was taken care of easily considering she was right there, but what can you do when you live in a big city!

The pomeTeam is very honored and grateful to have become friends with and to collaborate/promote Miss Meeg.  One of her murals still hangs at Pearl’s bar located in the Capitol Hill area of Denver.  If you’re in the area, definitely swing through Pearl’s and hit some of her other art locations to make a little art tour out of it.  Also, remember it’s important to support your local artists!  They’re the future that will keep this world beautiful and interesting.

– Renee

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